Can Cats Eat Ginger Or Gingerbread, And Is It Safe For Them?

We all love to spoil our feline companions now and then. And with the Christmas holidays approaching, feline furballs from all over the world will receive lots of delicious treats. But just how much goodwill will these table scraps do your feline pet? Give it some thought.

It’s relatively easy to completely forget about cat food when your fluffy companion is staring at you with a pleading look. Eventually, you’ll give in to that stare and treat your kitty to bits and pieces of your holiday meal, and some of the most common food items during Christmas are gingerbread cookies and other tasty ginger-spiced meals.

But the big question is: Can cats eat gingerbread? 

For humans, ginger root is an excellent cure for mild health issues. Thankfully, gingerbread doesn’t fall under the category of foods that are harmful to your feline pal.

So Is Gingerbread Safe For Cats To Eat or Not? 

Yes, absolutely!

It is not only safe for your cat but offers excellent health benefits as well. Ginger root or ginger is not a typical dietary supplement for cats and is very popular among doctors who are into holistic veterinary medicine.

Ginger can also be fed to cats in different forms. You can grate little amounts of ginger root into your kitty’s food. You also have the option of buying ginger capsules from a drugstore or the office of a holistic vet.

 You can also make ginger root tea for your feline furball. In any case; the plant can either help with;

*Stomach ache


*Car sickness


It is perfectly normal for cats to have motion sickness or car sickness. By default, cats have sensitive stomachs, so indigestion is typical as well. Little amounts of ginger can enable your pet to fight off problems such as these. Because, as we are well aware, felines can be somewhat finicky about their food.

How Much Ginger Can A Cat Eat?

Like everything else in life, ginger should be taken moderately. Taking too much of ginger very often can cause severe gastrointestinal problems with felines. 

Your pet’s age, weight, breed and overall health condition determines the safe dosage for ginger extracts. While individual cats might find it delicious, others might find it irritating. 

Every feline furball is unique in its way, and so there is no universal formula as to what dosage can make your cat eat.

A few drops of unsweetened ginger root tea will not cause any harm to your pet. A little amount of grated sugar mixed with its usual cat food will also not pose any harm. But when your cat begins to act out, vomit or show any signs of physical pain, reach out to your vet as soon as possible.

OK, But Can Cats Eat Gingerbread?

Gingerbread extracts and gingerbread goods differ to a large extent.

It is not safe for cats to consume. Keep the famous holiday gingerbread treats out of your cats reach at all times.

Gingerbread goods are often packed with spices, herbs, sugar and ingredients. They will ruin your cat’s immune system, its digestion and overall health. It will further ruin its appetite. In addition to that, feeding your cat table scraps will completely ruin its behavior.

Chocolates, molasses, any types of sugar and other sweet treats are toxic to feline’s health. Their bodies cannot break down the sugars the same way ours can. Thus, any biscuits, gingerbread cookies and similar food items must be kept far away from your furball’s reach.

If you want your pet to stay in good health, avoid foods manufactured strictly for human consumption. Choose cat treats if you’d like to treat your pet during the holidays. Cat treats are delicious and specially made to suit the unique nutritional requirements of the feline organism.

How About Other Christmas Dishes With Ginger?

Asides gingerbread cookies, the Christmas holiday meals usually include ginger-spiced gravies, beer, ginger ale, gingerbread cakes, gingersnaps, crackers and so forth. Every form of alcoholic beverage should be entirely off-limits for cats. 

Baked foods, as well as ginger-based spices, should be kept from them.

Cats are carnivorous. There is no health benefit for them in baked foods. Even if your pet finds the taste appealing, these food items can cause it serious harm.

We know you want to spoil your cat out of affection but feeding them with table scraps can cause malnourishment, misbehavior and severe health issues.