8 Best Signs a Horse Likes & Trusts You

Horses are very sociable animals that love being around others. They are capable of establishing strong connections with their owners. When you spend so much time with your horse it tends to grow fonder of you and there are many ways to tell if a horse likes you.

8 Signs a Horse Likes and Trusts You

1. Respect

Horses are big on respect. If they like you, they will heed your commands and respect your space. A horse that likes you will follow your lead, which also depicts respect. 

Some horses may even move around with you, when a horse follows you, they trust you to take care of them. This is one way they show respect.

2. Coming up to you

If a horse likes you, it may eagerly wait or run up the pasture fence for you at the stall door. If your horse eagerly awaits you, that’s their way of showing they like you. Coming up to greet you reveals how excited they are about your presence.

3. They Nicker or Whinny For You

If a horse recognizes a familiar face, it will often nicker and whinny, they will likely vocalize with a whinny or nicker when they seek the attention of other people or nearby horses. 

When your horse nickers, it’s just a way of saying “I can’t wait to spend time with you”. They care about you and nickering is one way to show that.

4. Relaxed and safe around you

If a horse feels relaxed in your presence it’s a sign they like and trust you. It is their way of saying they feel safe around you.

If a horse is chewing or licking, lowering its head, or cocking a back leg, that means the horse is relaxed around you. Trust is the absence of fear, and so horses tend to trust if they do not have a problem being around you.

If a horse is approachable in its lying position that signifies trust. They are vulnerable when lying down, so when they trust you unconditionally they let you approach them in that position.

Signs your horse likes you
Horse resting shoulder on owner

5. Resting their head on your shoulder

Horses will rest their heads on people they are familiar with as a sign of trust, if a horse does this, it’s because they feel comfortable around you. They also rest their head on you in a bid to bond with you and show their affection. It’s like a hug in their way, they are telling you they enjoy your presence.

6. The Nudge

Nudging may mean different things, but oftentimes it is just your horse displaying affection towards you. Nudging can easily be your horse’s equivalent of kisses and hugs.

When a horse likes you, nudging is one such way it seeks your attention. In addition to nudging horses may lick or lip at you, all to show their love for you.

7. Grooming

One of the best ways of bonding with a horse is grooming. When your horse grooms your back, they see you as their friend.

In the wild horses groom each other as well, not just because it is soothing but also as a display of affection. They can be seen nibbling at one another’s necks and backs. If your horse nibbles on your neck and shoulders, that’s their way of grooming you.

8. Thee Breathe of affection

If a horse comes up and takes a breath on your face, it is an ultimate sign of respect and trust. Horses will show affection by gently blowing air on each other through their nostrils.

When a horse blows on your face, it is a sign they see you as a trusty companion. Horses will breathe in your face if they see you as part of their family.

The ultimate sign of respect is breathing in your face, if your horse does this you bet it likes you. They will display affection by calmy blowing air on each other through their nostrils.

If a horse blows air at your face, take that as a sign of true companionship. They will only do this if they consider you a valuable member of their family.

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